PTDC Motel Ayubia

PTDC Motel Ayubia

PTDC Motel, Ayubia,
Tel:(0992) 359004, Fax: 359200

The PTDC Motel is situated in the middle of Murree and Nathiagali, it is adjacent to Ayubia chairlift. The distance from Islamabad to PTDC Ayubia is 90 kilometer and it is just 26 kilometer from Murree, Ayubia PTDC Motel is 8000 feet above the sea level. Ayubia is located in green hills and dense forests of Pine, from here you can enjoy the beautiful valley of Khanspur.

The PTDC Motel Ayubia has classic, comfortable rooms and outstanding restaurants distinguish it from other hotels of this area. Rooms are facilitated with television which is connected with satellite, Direct dialing telephone service, Car rental service and laundry service.


Ayubia PTDC motel offer fine class restaurants which provide taste full dishes, PTDC Ayubia has three well known restaurants, one of them is toward the pool side.
Ayubia Attractions
Here near the PTDC motel Ayubia has a very colorful attraction of chairlift Ayubia, You can ride this chairlift and can enjoy the natural beauty of this valley. You can visit two famous mountains like Mushkpuri and Miranjani, and can visit from here to Nathiagali. You can plan to visit renown water pipeline that is passing through Ayubia National Park.

Other services
Room service
Satellite Television
Direct Dialing Phone
Car Parking

Murree other attractions

Murree is a hilly station located in province Punjab Pakistan. This hilly beauty attracts both national and international visitors. This is small scattered town having traditional shops, hotels and homes. The weather of this picnic point is amazing. There are various beautiful sites in Murree for the tourist to visit like Mall road, pindi point, Kashmir point, pathriata (new muree), ayubia, nathaigali, murree hills, etc. Murree now has fantastic and international standard hotels and resturents. This hilly station catches vistors and tourests in both winter as well as summer season. In summer this town has classic weather and nice cool breeze while in winter it has snow falling. Murree has evergreen forests and fantastic tract for hiking. Murree has different types of government buildings and rest houses for government officers. This town is near capital Islamabad.

Pathriata is a new development in this region and attracts thousands of visitors each day. This point has amazing chairlifts for tourist to see bird eye view of this natural beauty. Moreover, there are fantastic shops, gift centers and hotels to stay. Ayubia is another hilly station which has classic beauty and covered with evergreen forests of pine and cedar trees. This picnic point, has its own natural beauty. Nathaigali is another visiting place for the visitors and it is historical place from the British era. However, these hilly stations are famous for their natural beauty, clean and soothing atmosphere, calm and peaceful location and evergreen forests.